Plans for Weight Loss

Slimming less may be a factor in almost everything you really want to do. For most of us, starting a weight loss program routine can be very difficult, due to the efforts of the entire amount is famous. But less weight loss should not start with an entire way of life and the floor constant, intense effort. Here are some ideas that may help reduce the burden of existence infinitely healthier.


To make sure your healthy snacks, keep fresh products around. Take a large bowl of fresh fruit, even on your counter. File drawers in your refrigerator with celery and celery. Whenever a healthy snack may be the first factor, the reality is that it is weak to work as a snack that you simply choose.

An effective method to reduce weight should be to buy a gym membership. There is much that can be done alone, but no comparison to the many things you can do for all the good work session. Purchasing a gym membership can be a crucial step when it comes to reducing pounds.

Eat a bowl of muesli every day or in the evening just to control unwanted weight. This really is often a type of porridge consisting of nuts, fruits and oats. It is because it is soluble fiber, which is slow to digest, you feel longer, keep hunger under control. You have to watch the sugar content, however, as it varies widely.

A tip simple to follow along with together when you’re trying to reduce weight is to eat slowly and savor every bite. To consume more and more time is given to connect satiety normally takes your stomach 20 minutes to deliver messages, “I’m full” your brain. If you stop eating when you feel almost full instead of eating just before determining feel stuffed, you can amazingly eliminate 100 calories every time you eat alone.

Take the basic food all day breakfast, many people make the mistake to go down to breakfast whenever you diet. Reduce your breakfast can help you eat snacks, to fight hunger in the final analysis, the more calories they consume. Studies have shown that people who eat lunch, able to maintain a normal weight and easier to sit in a powerful weight loss system.

Note that exercise is a vital reaction to losing body fat. Many times people think that just by changing diet or using some type of weight loss supplement will lose weight on their own, only workout routine would be the responsibility of abandoned and saved easily.

Only when you begin to take a program of weight loss supplement, that does not mean that you do not need to make an effort to reduce weight. You still have to eat inside in a healthy way, but simply exercise. Otherwise, the requirement is only to come back and for the supplement, you can have more difficulties to overcome next time.

Note that some effort has better effects than not to try at all. Picking only a few individuals of recommendations for fat loss can be extremely effective. If you find that the results, there is a reason you need to discover many continue to work harder to achieve the severe loss of body fat goals.

What Secrets Conceal Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a condition that often hides a fear of not being lived up to expectations, or significant psychological problems that may put pressure on men. The result: a pleasure much in the short term, anyway.

Ejaculation and orgasm in men are two different physiological processes, so that ejaculation is due to the tightening of some parts of the male genitalia, for the transport of sperm. Ejaculation usually, but not always, accompanied by orgasm. It may happen before penetration, without touching the
penises. This happens in the case of strong sexual arousal, sexual activity, and also a man with sexual experience, after a period of abstinence or a partner sensually.

All of these situations can cause ejaculation without anything bad here. In addition, “orgasm is an expression of indescribable pleasure, where time seems to stand still. It has nothing to do with the reproductive function of the genitals, the perpetuation of the species may be possible and if sex without orgasm. ” So, premature ejaculation is missing orgasm. The relationship between partners, therefore not affected in terms of intention to have children, but as mutual satisfaction. Social emancipation of recent decades is that premature ejaculation is the most common sexual disorder in the world.

Psychological reasons for early termination

Biologically programmed to “terminate” primitive man may be in the same situation as foster (unconscious) of premature ejaculation: fear of a relationship (ejaculation is a good excuse to break a relationship), to be constantly under pressure (more energy accelerates the ejaculation, doctors say) or simply “stage fright”.

Strong emotions caused by this partner can have a dual positive and negative nature. A threat by a stormy relationship with him as loving and premature ejaculation can be understood as true. But, on the other hand, premature ejaculation may occur in response to the separation of the spectrum. Wants to break, wants to keep his hand in hers, and a lot of stress, can ruin even more.

Things can be even more complicated: the excitement caused by a forbidden relationship can only download in connection with the “official” couple. However, premature ejaculation was shocked that the man he knows well-feel-put the thoughts. Most of the time, the man in this situation is emotionally fragile that during puberty, which is his first sexual intercourse without control. When the body gets used to ejaculate with “speed”, creates a reflection that is difficult to remove.

It is very important to remember that if the cause of premature ejaculation is always mentally, is the physical manifestation. Dysfunction becomes a reflection and, although they are psychic roots, there is no guarantee to cure the disease. For this reason, once learned, body behavior cannot be changed so easily.

Advantages of a long prelude

There are many methods for treatment, many of which consist of pharmaceutical products (creams, fluids) with quick effect, which stimulates and delayed ejaculation, orgasms that provide quality partner. There palliative solutions that work well in the long run. Aware of the “problem”, man develops tactics to ensure satisfaction of your partner. The use of cheats, such as integration with oral sex, masturbation with your partner, give more importance preliminary approaches its partners, is trying to bring in a State of great excitement before penetration.
Therefore, premature ejaculation is ejaculation during sexual intercourse in which man makes sure that the woman is in a State of great excitement, which leads to an orgasm as fast as him.

Natural treatment for premature ejaculation Calivita

-. Vitalman is a natural dietary supplement made from extracts of plants with aphrodisiac
effect as Guarana, Maca, Muira puama, nettle and others with extraordinary properties of sexual enhancement, increased potency and sterility.

-Rhodiolin helps reduce stress and eliminate anxiety, mental States are active in sexual disorders.

-Men need a supplemental intake of selenium, as it focuses on the testicles and
removed through the sperm during ejaculation. Pro Selenium is a dietary supplement that provides the daily requirement of selenium in the form of 100% natural.

-Vital A, B and AB Vital Vital Vital natural herbal supplements 0 are vitamins, minerals, and herbs designed for all types of blood in his hand. These nutrients give your body the balanced nutrition needs to function properly and to lead an active life.

BodyFlex Exercise For Weight Loss – The Most Detailed Guide!

Friends, in this article we will understand that the same is Bodyflex exercise. Here you will find the history of the emergence of this system, the complete list of the exercises included in the complex Bodyflex and imprisoned – conclusions about effective if the system, to whom it can be calculated and, of course, that is not dangerous if the health Bodyflex.

How did Bodyflex?

Body Flex Exercise For Weight Loss

Bodyflex exercise – this training system, invented by the American housewife and mother of three children Greer Childers. Greer extremely stout, having given birth to her third child. Faced with problems in his personal life, low self-esteem, inability to pick up clothes, Greer tried many kinds of weight loss methods, but none of them has not brought tangible results. The reflection in the mirror continued to inspire hatred of the house did not want to go, and around her husband, who worked as a surgeon in the clinic, curled young girls-nurses, which also could not withdraw themselves from Greer.

Desperate to get the results of conventional methods, Greer went on the recommendation of a neighbor in San Francisco to classes to some sports physiologist who taught slimming wealthy American women. Physiology was a petite woman, twenties, who began to talk about how to breathe when performing the exercises.

Greer was disappointed. Give a half thousand dollars for that kind of a girl, which is not even their children, taught her – forty years of “mother-heroine,” some nonsense? However, Greer still started practicing, rather wanting to outdo impudent little girl and prove that its system (exercise level “Rolls-Royce”) does not work, than hoping for a real effect. There was nothing, the money already paid, not to return to the home just like that? We must at least try to use something for which has already paid.

However, after a few days of classes Greer found that the performance of breathing exercises is not causing her irritation. On the contrary – power has become more well-being significantly improved. Well, all right, thought Greer, if they do not lose weight, then at least feel back to normal. And she continued to work.

After completing the course Greer could not believe my eyes. Over 10 lessons, she managed to lose weight by 1-2 centimeters in different parts of the body. In summary, adding all of the lost volumes, Greer counted 26 centimeters. Of course, it’s not very much, but this size is not left at all! She was happy, having happened for a miracle.

Both the Greer writes in his book, after three months of independent daily activities, she changed clothes size from 52 th to 42 nd. Having such an impressive performance, she wanted to share the secret of his transformation with the other women who, like herself some time ago, were depressing dreary life, suppressed their excess weight.

However, there was one problem – the average American do not buy a limousine. Most overweight housewives simply do not have $ 1 500 to pay miraculous courses. Greer went back to San Francisco. Faced with a girl-physiologist, taught a course level “Rolls-Royce”, Greer received the answer that it is impossible to reduce the price, because the system was originally designed for wealthy Americans and is designed for the elite.

Then Greer took second fateful decision in his life. She decided to bring myself up to average Americans miraculous method that made her slim. She did not understand why it is so effective and does not represent the principles of its impact, but I knew one thing for sure – this method works. So, it should be aware of all those who need it so!

So it was the beginning of the creation of own system Greer Childers exercise based on a special breathing technique. Greer significantly reduced and simplified the program by selecting the most efficient and effective in its view the exercises. She has traveled throughout the United States and has consulted with various specialists and physicians wanting to understand the principle of the program, which allowed her to lose weight and her neighbor. Convinced that the effectiveness of a technique is under a scientific explanation, Greer began herself to give lessons.

After receiving positive feedback from customers, enterprising housewife recorded several videos and acted on the air local television. The apotheosis was the book written by Greer Childers – “Magnificent figure for 15 minutes a day”, where Greer laid out the entire program in a simple and easy to understand as much as possible. Own system of exercises she called “Body flex.”

The basic idea Bodyflex

The main idea of marketing Bodyflex is that any average person without physical training, learning to breathe correctly during the execution of simple exercises can get rid of the extra kilos in just 15 minutes a day. It sounds really fantastic, but the system has received spontaneous popularity worldwide, especially in the homeland of the author – in the United States.

Reviews on the effectiveness Bodyflex exercises range from the enthusiastic cries of “fanatics” who claim that the miracle workout to help them get rid of incurable diseases, to the indignant cries of those who claim that Bodyflex caused serious harm to their health.

Let us not judge the system, based on the words of unknown people, and expand the system on the shelves, and to analyze its pros and cons. This will allow us to make an informed conclusion about the effectiveness of the system Bodyflex exercise and its safety.
Technique Bodyflex
Breathe like a baby – diaphragmatic breathing

The main condition for obtaining the effect as Greer says Chaydres – special breathing. With his development classes begin. Bodyflex exercise for weight loss does not bring tangible benefits without diaphragmatic breathing.

Explaining what is a “diaphragm breathing,” Greer cites babies. When breathing in newborns inspiratory rise belly up, not at all the breast as in adults. bodiflekksa technique also involves breath is stomach. In order to control himself, Greer offers to lie on the floor and lay on his stomach a little book. In the conventional method of breathing book remains almost motionless. But when diaphragmatic breathing book will rise and fall with each breath and exhale.

How to master this technique?

First, shoot a series of deep and regular breaths. Concentrate on your chest movement and imagine how the lungs expand and fill with air.

With the power exhale through the mouth, completely freeing the lungs from air present in them.
Make a quick and strong breath through your nose, greatly inflating the abdomen. This will help to push the lower ribs and increase the filling of the lungs with oxygen.
Very exhale through the mouth, completely freeing the lungs and pulling the stomach inward. In order to better experience the work of the stomach, Greer Childress recommended practice pose “volleyball” – feet shoulder width apart and slightly prisognuty, body tilted forward, the palm rest on the legs just above the knees.
After exhalation hold your breath, continuing to pull the stomach for 8-10 seconds. This practice of so-called “natural breaks”. Maximum draw the belly, and the ribs again and will move the air out of the lungs.
Relax and take a breath.

The main condition of safe employment Bodyflex – gradually. Listen to your body and do not rush. It is recommended the first few sessions devoted exclusively develop breathing techniques, and only then proceed to Bodyflex exercises.

Schematically Bodyflex breathing technique can be summarized as follows:


Deep breathing techniques according to the author, activates metabolic processes and prepare your body for a full-fledged classes Bodyflex. Exercise for weight loss can be done when you have completely mastered the breathing technique.
Bodyflex exercise

In total, “Body flex” technique twelve exercises. Greer herself Childress says he has incorporated into its system of isotonic and isometric exercises and stretching exercises. Bodyflex exercise for weight loss designed for untrained people. In fact, the main audience of the author of the system were American housewives.

1. Leo

Zone impact exercise: the face, the area around the mouth and under the eyes, neck.

Initial position. Take the so-called “Pose volleyball.” Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width and prisognite, buttocks pull back. Abut palms at his feet for a couple of centimeters above the knees. After completing the respiratory cycle, hold your breath (step 4 – natural pause) and start to exercise.

Performing exercises. Keep lips in a narrow circle, tighten your face and try to drop down the circle. Eyes wide open and look away upstairs. Through the tight circle of lips stick out your tongue as much as possible as you can. Hold the pose for 8 accounts and relax, breathing air.

Number of repetitions: 5.

Note. Be careful not to accidentally frighten her husband who came into the room.
2. The terrible grimace

Zone of exposure exercises: neck, under the chin.

Initial position. Stand in a “posture volleyball.” Stuck out his lower jaw so that the lower teeth are ahead of the top, sticking out his lips as if to kiss her, and struggled pull the neck. Lift your head up, as if these very lips, intending to kiss the ceiling. You should feel tension from the chin to the sternum. Take a breath and hold your breath cycle.

Performing exercises. During the respiratory pause pull the arms back straight and hold this position for 8 counts. Roth does not close, feet flat on the floor. Breathe and relax.

Number of repetitions: 5.

Note. As with the previous exercise – this position is not for nothing that derived its name.
3. Side Stretching
Zone impact exercise: the waist and hips.

Initial position. Stand in a “posture volleyball” and make the breathing cycle to break.

Performing exercises. Put your left hand on the elbow (not the palm and elbow rested just above the knee). Lift right arm straight and pull it out through the side of his head, above the ear. You should feel like stretching the entire lateral surface of your body. Hold this position for 8 counts. Take a breath and relax. Repeat for the other side.

Number of repetitions: 3 on the right side and 3 on the left.
4. Pulling the legs back

Zone of influence of the exercise: the buttocks, the back of the thigh.

Initial position. Stand on the mat – on the knees and elbows. One leg pull back. The foot should be thus reduced, the fingers abut against the floor. Perform the breathing cycle to break.

Performing exercises. Lift the straight leg up and pause for 8 counts. Lower the leg and inhale.

Number of repetitions: 3 on the right side and 3 on the left.
5. “Seiko”

Zone of influence of the exercise: the buttocks.

Initial position. Stand in knee-elbow position, set aside a straight leg to the side at an angle of 90 degrees to the body. The foot is on the floor. Do breathing exercises.

Performing exercises. During the pause, lift the straight leg up and hold so for 8 accounts. Lower the leg and inhale.

Number of repetitions: 3 on the right side and 3 on the left.

Note. Greer called this exercise “Seiko”, as this word is translated from Japanese as “flame”. Gluteal muscles will “burn”.
6. “Almaz”

Zone of influence of the exercise: the inside of the hand.

Initial position. Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Touch the fingers of one hand the fingers of the other hand, bringing the hand in front of him. Elbows should be raised to parallel with the floor, the back can be slightly rounded. Perform the breathing cycle to break.

Performing exercises. How can more uprites fingers of one hand in the fingers of the other, do not lower your elbows. Linger in this position should be 8 to the accounts. After breathe air and relax.

Number of repetitions: 3.
7. “The Boat”

Zone of exposure exercises, inner thighs.

Initial position. Sit on the mat, legs straight, spread as widely as you can. Socks “tighten” for themselves. Hands lean back and do the breathing cycle to break.

Performing exercises. Move your hands forward and drag them as far as possible, trying to lower the body to the floor. Drag over 8 counts. Then inhale and relax again, moving his hands back.

Number of repetitions: 3.
8. “Pretzel”

Zone impact exercise: the waist, back, outer thighs.

Initial position. Sit on a mat with your legs crossed so that the left knee appeared over the right. Right leg, try to keep as straight as possible, horizontally. Put your left hand behind his back, and take a right hand himself over his left knee. Do breathing exercises.

Performing exercises. Transfer the weight to the left arm, right hand pull the left knee up and to itself, and the body turn left until you’ll be able to look back. Hold this position for 8-10 accounts. Breathe and relax.

Number of repetitions: 3 on the right side and 3 on the left.
9. Stretch the hamstrings

Zone of influence of the exercise: the area behind the knees, hamstring.

Initial position. Lie down on a mat on your back and raise your legs straight up, “pulling” the socks. Hands take himself for caviar. Perform the breathing cycle, without raising his head.

Performing exercises. During the respiratory pause tighten feet to itself before the “pulling” sensation under knees. Hold for 8 counts.

Number of repetitions: 3.
10. Abdominals

Zone of exposure exercises: abdominal muscles.

Initial position. Lying on your back, bend your legs and place the feet on the floor at a distance of 25-30 cm from each other. Hands pull up to the ceiling perpendicular to the body. Do breathing exercises.

Performing exercises. Stretch your hands up and lift the shoulder blades. The head at the same time slightly thrown back, neck relaxed. The arms and chest stretch to the ceiling as possible. Hold for 8-10 accounts.

Number of repetitions: 3.
11. “Scissors”

Zone of exposure exercises: abdominal muscles, focus on the lower part.

Initial position. Lie down on a mat on your back, feet together. Put your hands palms down under your buttocks. The head on the floor, lower back pressed to the floor. Perform the breathing cycle to break.

Performing exercises. Lift the leg 8-9 cm above the floor and start doing vigorous swings, setting the stage for one leg over the other and vice versa, as if running with scissors. Work during 8-9 accounts. Then breathe in the air and relax.

Number of repetitions: 3.
12. “Cat”

Zone of influence of exercise: body muscles, the spine.

Initial position. Get on all fours (on his knees and hands). His head tilted up, eyes directed forward, back straight. Perform the breathing exercise.

Performing exercises. Lower your head and arch your back up as high as possible. Stay in this position for 10 accounts. Breathe in the air and relax.

Number of repetitions: 3.

So Bodyflex – a weight loss system and rehabilitation, based on a special breathing technique. Classes, according to the author’s technique of deep oxygenate tissues, banish stress and activate the metabolism. They can be used independently or as an aid to any physical activity. If you find yourself in a situation where active movements are contraindicated Bodyflex exercises can be performed at any level of training.
Recommendations Greer Childress to Teach

So you’ve decided to engage on this system? Bodyflex exercise for weight loss will bring, according to the author, the most benefit if you follow the following rules:

Do not exercise immediately after a meal. The ideal time for classes – two hours after a light meal.
In no case do not exercise in a stuffy room. If possible, always open the window.
Beginners can not engage in breathing exercises while walking.
Linger in the basic position for 8-10 breaths.
Train every day and perform each exercise 3 to 5 times.

Bodyflex exercises will help to quickly get in shape and improve your health. To track the progress of work and extra motivation regularly measure the volume of the waist and hips. After a month of training you will be pleasantly surprised by the results, says Greer Childress.

Hyperventilation is dangerous to health?

The essence of the lessons Bodyflex, according to Greer Childers, lies in the fact that employment in this system can increase the saturation of the tissues with oxygen and, therefore, speed up the metabolism in them. The therapeutic effect on employment Bodyflex she says is comparable to aerobics.

During aerobic motion it makes you consume more oxygen, which is needed by the body for digestion of carbohydrates and fats, and energy production.

During the lessons Bodyflex by a special method of breathing, you are forcing the body to get more oxygen than it receives in normal conditions, forcing him to use this oxygen.

Thus, Greer Childers claims that deliberately saturating your body with oxygen, can greatly speed up the metabolism and start the mechanism of fat burning. If simultaneously perform exercises different muscle groups, creating an increased demand for energy in certain areas, it is possible to send it to the oxygen, to the problem areas where fat burning is particularly necessary. It is by improving the supply of oxygen to the tissues and accelerates the metabolism will go the extra volumes.

Medically speaking, Bodyflex theory is built on the effect of hyperventilation. Alternating deep breaths and intense periods of breath, the person receives a 30-40 percent more oxygen than it consumes in normal life.

Contrary to the promised positive effects of this phenomenon can have very dangerous consequences for the organism. Hyperventilation leads to the fact that reduced amounts of carbon dioxide in the blood (CO2), which is an essential component for the occurrence of many metabolic processes. Trying to keep the amount of CO2 in the blood, the body tries to defend himself. Vascular spasms, and bronchial tubes, reduced blood pressure, reduced permeability of cell membranes.

In turn, all of this not only hinders the loss of CO2, but oxygen intake. There is a reverse effect – oxygen starvation, which has a lot of negative consequences. Up to the death of brain cells, if the process becomes uncontrolled.

Based on the foregoing, fanatically and blindly rush into the maelstrom of activities Bodyflex not worth it. As, however, and any other practice.

In some cases it is necessary to terminate employment Bodyflex? Exercises saturate the tissues with oxygen and accelerate blood circulation, which is not always a positive effect on health. Symptoms such as bleeding from the nose, dizziness, insomnia and headaches are by far the reason for the termination of exercise.

Before you start exercising, you must comply with a number of precautions.

Check the host the following diseases and conditions:
with blood pressure problems (high, low – not important);
respiratory diseases, including asthma, allergic phenomena;
cardiovascular diseases;
head injury, intracranial pressure;
vision problems;
fever, bleeding, exacerbation of chronic diseases;
Start classes only in the presence of another person who can help you in case of loss of consciousness.
Even if you are completely healthy or not found their disease contraindications list, be sure to consult with your doctor!

In order to avoid unnecessary frustration, remember that Bodyflex exercises designed for people who are overweight and initially slow metabolism. The therapeutic effect of these activities is based on the idea of accelerating the metabolism in obese and sedentary people, which makes the body weight come thus to the biological norm. However, this provision does not define you and your body. And below the biological norm your weight will not fall, even if it will seem that you are still plump.

If you have no extra kilos and you lead an active lifestyle, Bodyflex will not help you, because your metabolism and so is at the proper level. I hope this article was informative to you and useful. Good luck on the sports field!

The article draws illustrations from the book by G. Childers “Magnificent figure for 15 minutes a day!”.

Nutrition For Athletes – What And How Much To Eat?

In today’s article, we will analyze in detail what constitutes food for athletes and how it differs from normal human diet. During training, the athlete experiences a high physical and psycho-emotional stress. To compensate for the energy of the body, as well as to achieve the best sport results (increase in muscle strength and endurance, increase lean muscle mass) requires mandatory supply of nutrients from food.

nutrition for athletes

Nutrition for Athletes to be perfectly healthy, because any harmful food will affect the condition of the body and invariably impair your athletic performance. Prepare the sports nutrition at home (such as a protein shake) is quite simple, but this description.

Nutrients or nutrients can be divided into the following groups: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements. A separate component is water. Her body needs a sufficient amount to maintain health and proper functioning as well as full meals.

If you decide to eat right, we should also reconsider the ways of cooking. Avoid frying foods, and cooking convenience foods. Use cooking, stewing and baking.

Nutrition to Power Performance

With careful attention to drawing up menus, nutrition for athletes is quite can be achieved by the usual food at home. Undoubtedly, it will need to spend some more time and attention than to buy a few cans of sports nutrition. However, it is worth noting that even the famous bodybuilders say that use natural products in daily life is still preferable than to lean on sportpit.

How BZHU need while you exercise?

Before we talk about what foods should be consumed for nutrition in sports, you should understand how much do you need to eat in order to achieve those or other results. What should be the total caloric intake and how a percentage of proteins, fats and carbohydrates?

1. Determine daily caloric intake
Here everything is clear: there is a set of formulas to calculate the daily energy consumption. These formulas take into account parameters such as your weight, age, gender and lifestyle. Formula and method of calculation of a truly set and they give only approximate results. So do not bother with “engineering” calculations, learn a simple rule is sufficient.

Calorie basal metabolic rate (energy that is required to just lie down and breathe):

For women: * 0.9 Weight (kg) * 24 = kcal / day
For men: 1 * Weight (kg) * 24 = kcal / day

Now multiply this number by the physical activity coefficient (1 to 2). With an average load level (a few workouts a week), this ratio is 1.4.

The amount of calories that your body consumes in a day – the first number, which you should write down. Let’s say that you have got 2,000 calories.

2. You want to lose weight or gain weight?

Decide exactly what is in front of you the goal – to lose weight or vice versa – podnabrat muscle mass? At the same time to do both will not work. If you want to bring the body in order to lose fat and pump up muscles, you first have to lose weight and then gain muscle mass. In the case of weight loss take away from the daily diet of 500 calories. In the case of a set of masses are exactly the opposite – add on 500. weight loss should be considered a caveat. Whatever the results of calculations you do not succeed, you can not lower the bar below 1400 kcal. This is the minimum standard.

proper nutrition for athletes

3. BZHU Value

The third step is to determine what percentage of calories from the main nutrients should be in your diet.

this ratio for each individual situation, but the average for people involved in fitness, you can imagine how this need:

For women:

proteins – 25%
carbohydrates – 50%
fat – 25%

For men:

proteins – 25%
carbohydrates – 60%
fat – 15%

Please note that this is not a mass ratio, and the ratio of the caloric content. Thus, if you are female and your daily intake of 2000 calorie, then you have to get protein 500 calories from carbohydrates – 1100 and from fat – about 400. It is about 100 g protein, 300 g carbohydrates and 50 g fat. Let the amount of fat you do not mind. 50 g – is pure only 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil. But if you eat meat, fish, nuts, the fat gets more and of these products.

So, we figured out how many and what nutrients we need. Now let’s see what the athletes need proteins fats and carbohydrates, as well as what products they can get at home.
How to close the demand for proteins?

Proteins or proteins (as well as amino acids) traditionally paid great attention to the selection of supply program for athletes. Sufficient protein is needed in order to maintain your muscles in good condition and to achieve high results. Proteins consist of amino acids, 9 of which are essential, that is not synthesized by the body. Therefore, they must necessarily come from food.

Amino acids and proteins in the body perform a huge variety of different functions.

Here are some of them:

Enter into the muscle fibers (actin and myosin). It is due to protein molecules can contract our muscles. Also our cartilage, hair and nails are mostly protein composition. Proteins and amino acids are part of the majority of intracellular structures.
Support the immune function of the body (neutralize bacteria and viruses) and bind toxins and poisons.
Various substances are transported (for example – hemoglobin blood carries oxygen and carbon dioxide).
The receptor function (measure of sensitivity to tastes, smells, light).
Regulatory function (hormone proteins).
It is a catalyst for many metabolic processes.
Serve as a source of energy in case of a lack of other nutrients (carbohydrates and fats).

An impressive list, is not it? Not surprisingly, in the stores, offering food for athletes, protein supplements make up the bulk of sales weight.

The body’s need to proteins we have already calculated in the beginning of this article, along with fats and carbohydrates. But there is another way of counting, which usually are bodybuilders. This method is suitable for you if you have some time, exercise and do not have excess weight.

The bottom line is this:

If you are not going to build muscle mass, and you need only to maintain its muscle in this condition, you will need 1 gram of protein per day per kilogram of body weight.
If you train to ground and conducted intensive weight training, then you should increase the amount of protein to 1.5 – 2 grams per day per kilogram of body weight.

However, you should understand that your body is different, therefore, to set weight, you may need a little more or a little less protein than, for example, your friend the same age with you. Here it is necessary to focus exclusively on their own athletic performance.

It is also important to understand that the amount of protein that you eat and what your body is learned – this is not always the same.

How to make so that the protein is digested?

What to do to maximize the protein digested:

Do not give up meat. animal protein is digested slightly better than vegetable.
Eat protein products in combination with carbohydrates. Without a certain amount of carbohydrates you do not digest protein. Veal with vegetables – a great option.
Do not eat 1-2 times a day. A six-invented the power not just believe. Protein is needed not only to the body before and after training, but also during the day.
Do not eat too much at once proteins. Large servings of protein (30 grams) are not absorbed by the body completely. It’s too much for him. You flip the waste products.

Now we can go to the products that make up the protein-based nutrition for athletes.

Which contains the most protein?

Now that we have understood the amount of protein needed by the body, let’s see what kind of products will allow us to get it from food.
protein Sources
g Fat,
g Carbohydrates
g Energy
value, kcal
Beef average fat content,
100 g 18.9 12.4 0187
Chicken, 100 g 20.8 8.8 0.6 164
Fish (salmon), 100g of 21 July 0147
Egg, 1 piece, 50 g 0.35 77 May 7
Cottage cheese
2%, 100 g of 20 2 3 114
100 g 23 1.6 48.1 299
100 g of 21 February 47298
(Raw) 100 g 4.3 1 27 0.1

In drawing up the menu, keep in mind that the meat products contain high amounts of fat, and legumes are rich in carbohydrates.

There are times during the day when there is a traditional food just uncomfortable. For example, if you are out of the gym after a workout, and the urgent need to close the “window of protein.” In such situations, you need to have a bite quickly and without hassle. For these cases, there are special protein shakes. Like other power athletes, protein shakes is not too difficult to cook at home. They can be of completely conventional products or with the addition of sports supplements. Several such cocktail recipe given at the end of the article. And we, meanwhile, go to the following nutrients – carbohydrates.

How to eat carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates – this is the main source of energy for our body. The human body is unable to synthesize carbohydrates from inorganics. Therefore, it is important to get enough of them from food. With a lack of carbohydrates in the body is pushing an important metabolic processes. In particular, the need for normal carbohydrate assimilation protein. It is processed carbohydrates into energy primarily during exercise. In particular, high carbohydrate meals for athletes called “weight gainer.” Consumption of food with sufficient amount of carbohydrates at employment by fitness is important no less than the use of proteins.

The physiological role of carbohydrates:

The primary function of carbohydrates – a source of energy for training and everyday life. Energy is necessary muscles to do the work by which they grow.
Carbohydrates are involved in the construction of complex molecules (DNA, RNA, ATP).
Affect regulation of blood pressure.
It contains receptors in certain tissues.

The proportion of carbohydrates in the diet of athletes is 50-60% of the daily ration.

Carbohydrates can be simple (fast) and complex (slow). Simple carbohydrates are instantly absorbed by the body and increase blood sugar levels. Before digest complex carbohydrate, the body must first split it into simple components. Accordingly, the process of assimilation is slower, and the blood sugar level increases gradually.

In order to somehow measure the speed of assimilation of carbohydrates has been introduced so-called “glycemic index.” The higher it is, the more rapidly digested carbohydrate. However, in the case of carbohydrates, “fast” does not mean “good”. When blood sugar rises sharply in the blood, the hormone insulin is released, which will dispose of excess glucose as fat. Therefore, if you do not want to get fat, eat slow carbohydrates. A quick drink only when you need to quickly get energy recharge.

Where contains fast and slow carbohydrates?

The answer to this question can be found in the two tables below.
Simple carbohydrates (fast)
Proteins index
g Fat,
g Carbohydrates
g Energy
value, kcal
Sugar, g 60 100 0 0 99.9 379
Soda and sugary juices,
100 g of 80 0 0 30-40 7-12
White bread and buns, 100 g 85 8 5.6 52 299
Baked potato, 100 grams of 90 1.7 0.1 16 128
Complex carbohydrates (slow)
Proteins index
g Fat,
g Carbohydrates
g Energy
value, kcal
Vegetables (except for root vegetables) and
most fruits, average of 100 g 1-3 15-25 0 3-7 20-50
Rye bread, 100 grams of 50 6.5 1.1 42 190
Groat, an average of 100 grams of 1.5-6 0.5-1.7 40-55 15-25 299

It should also be noted that the carbohydrates should be consumed in the first half and in the middle of the day. In the evening, their number should be minimized by opting for protein food.

To eat or not to eat fat?

Fats – this is the product, whose role in the body is surrounded with mystery and a lot of myths. Traditionally it is believed that the fat on the fat. Is it true? True, but as always only partially. The fact is that fats are different. Fats can be saturated (contain predominantly saturated fatty acid) and unsaturated (respectively, consist of unsaturated acids). The more saturated fat acids, the harder it (for example, lard), and less is therefore more liquid oil (olive oil).

Both fats are good for the body and do not bring any harm (if moderate use, of course). they contain important health In addition to fatty acids and vitamins.

Role in the body:

Structural function (part of the cell membrane).
Energy function (power reserve).
Insulation (not for nothing that the seals are well-fed).
Dissolution vitamins.

So what’s the catch, you ask? If those and other fats are useful, why everything around and just shout about cholesterol and problems with blood vessels?

The thing is that there is a third type of fat – it’s pure human invention and not found in nature. I’m talking about the so-called trans fats.

Trans fats – a substance consisting of trensizomerov fatty acids. The molecules of trans fats under the influence of chemical and industrial processes, changing their structure. Because trans fats are composed of a variety of soft butter, spreads, margarines, they are added to bakery products and fast food. In nature, these molecules do not occur, their bodies can not process in the course of metabolism. These substances accumulate in the walls of blood vessels and cause severe changes in the condition of the body.

In drawing up a nutritional plan for athletes (although it is important not only for athletes, but for everyone else) any trans fats should be avoided. I believe that the other arguments is superfluous.
Where is contained healthy fats?

Saturated fats (fat grams per hundred grams of product):

Butter – 82.5 g
Pork (medium fat) – fat – 32 grams of protein – 22.6
Beef (medium fat) – 12.4 g, protein – 18.9
Fish (salmon) – 7 g protein – 21

Unsaturated fats (fat grams per hundred grams of product):

Sunflower oil – 99 grams (tablespoon – 17 g)
Olive oil – 99 grams (tablespoon – 17 g)
Linseed oil – 99 grams (tablespoon – 17 g)
Peanuts – fat – 45 grams of protein – 26.3 g

In order to make up for the daily needs in fat, you just have to eat 100 grams of meat and a salad with a spoon of olive oil.

How to cook the sports nutrition at home?

Protein-carbohydrate cocktails
The portion of high-quality protein food for athletes contains 15 to 25 grams of protein, various vitamins, minerals and some carbohydrates to protein digest. How to achieve such performance, cocktail cooking yourself?

First we need to select the beverage liquid base. The most commonly used milk. Please note that the fatter it is, the more protein in it. If your goal – a set of muscle mass and a gradual decrease in body fat, milk fat optimally choose 1.5-2.5%. In addition to milk, sports nutrition base in the home can be yogurt or sugar-free juice.

The following is the most important part – the protein component. For a sufficient amount of protein you need 100 grams of low fat cottage cheese, nonfat dry milk or chicken protein (about 4 pieces). In addition, you can use powdered whey protein in an amount of 1 tablespoon

Carbohydrates are protein shakes provoke release of insulin and, thus, help the protein absorbed. To run this function, it is enough only 1.5 tsp jam or honey. In the case of adding a large amount of carbohydrates, your cocktail will be Gainer (drink for intensive recruitment of muscle mass). If you stick to a rigid diet, skip this step and add to drink a little bit of stevia to improve its taste.

Vitamins also play an important role in the efficiency of food for athletes. Usually it is used half a banana, a handful of fresh or frozen berries, as well as any other seasonal fruit.

An optional component is the additional fat. Add them to the cocktail only recommended for those who work in the weight set. It will take 1 tsp quality olive oil, coconut oil or flaxseed oil.

Prepare the sports nutrition at home is not difficult. To do this, place the selected ingredients in a blender and mix for 2-3 minutes. If you do not have a blender, you can get a fork and whisk. Crush the fruit with a fork and mix all the ingredients whisk. Keep cocktails undesirable better each time to make a new batch. But if you eat food for athletes before and after exercise, feel free to cook it on a 2-fold and store in the refrigerator.

You are free to come up with some food for the athletes to prepare or use the following delicious recipes.

Classic protein shake

350 ml of 1.5-2.5% of the milk;
100 g low-fat cottage cheese;
4 things. raw chicken protein (egg must be very well washed);
1/2 banana and a small handful of any frozen berries;
1 tsp olive oil;
1.5 tsp honey.

Such sports nutrition at home contains about 45 grams of protein per serving. You can divide the volume into 2 parts, and drink it before and after classes.
Protein shake with fast carbohydrates

200 ml of 1.5% of yogurt;
60 g of skim milk powder;
1 tablespoon any jam;
1 tsp Sahara.

Food for athletes, containing simple carbohydrates quickly gives energy and allows for more effective cardio workout.
Shake for aerobics lovers

200 ml freshly squeezed orange juice;
50 g 0% milk;
1/2 banana;
25 grams of dark chocolate or 2 tsp cocoa without sugar;
1 tsp raspberry jam.

The drink should be consumed one hour before class.

Thus, to prepare a high-quality sports nutrition at home is not difficult. Take advantage of our tips and take your fitness diet more varied and useful!